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How to Care for Your Faux Leather Stuff

Have you recently purchased any vegan leather product? Congratulations! You have made an ethical choice. It always feels great to follow your own choice and style.

Faux leather, which is usually made with polyurethane, is a great vegan clothing option. It’s a man-made product that doesn’t require the senseless slaughter of animals. It gives you the same look as traditional leather, while being cheaper and totally cruelty-free.

If you have never owned faux leather before, it is important to know how to take care of it. Maintaining it well will keep it looking and feeling like new for years to come.

Faux leather is made to mimic animal-based leathers; the care instructions are similar on many points, but a lot simpler. To keep your belongings in the best of condition possible, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Mix water with a small amount of mild dishwashing soap or woolen laundry detergent (do not use hard detergents).
  2. Dip a micro-fiber cloth into the mixture.
  3. Test the mixture on a small portion of the product. Do the test on an area which is not easily seen while on display. Test if the concoction is not discoloring the area, before applying the mixture to the actual stain.
  4. Gently wash the stain by hand using the micro-fiber cloth. If the stain is not coming out try using a mixture of water with a small amount of vinegar instead
  5. Let your product air dry completely. If it is not sun soaked properly, It can get mould and bacteria growth on the surface.
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